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Bought all the shit that should never be sold...

July 28th, 2005 (08:41 pm)

current mood: cheerful


I'm so happy. A few weeks ago, I found the "We are the Dury" interview CD on eBay, and bid for it. That same girl was also selling the "Fire Coming Out of the Monkey's Head" promo booklet, and I bidded on that, too. I wasn't expecting to win, and at first, I didn't. Someone had outbid me. And I was surprisingly more disappointed than originally thought.

The day after I found out I lost, I got an e-mail telling me the buyers bailed on both items, and since I was second highest bidder, I could buy it. And I did!

The CD and booklet were coming from England, so I assumed it would be at least a month before it came. But it arrived a few days ago! OMG! I was so happy! Especially when the interviewer asked if the Gorillaz were interested in touring! Murdoc got so freaking excited, which, in turn, got me so freaking excited. Oh my god, if they do a US tour, I will so die.

I'm off to listen to 2D talk and admire Jamie Hewlett's amazing, amazing artwork. Yay!